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learn more about medicare health insurance

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Medicare is a confusing topic for most people turning 65.  I provide a simple step-by-step educational meeting that helps people find the right health insurance plan for their needs.

Find your way through the Medicare Maze
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Meeting Agenda

When and how should you enroll in medicare?

pros and cons of supplement plans

pros and cons of advantage plans

Are my doctors and medical facilities in-network?

medication restrictions, coverage and costs

premiums, deductible, co-pay/co-insurance amounts


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Medicare can be hard to understand. I know it was for me when I was first started learning about Medicare. The information available was extensive and didn’t provide a clear picture of what I would need to do next. I then learned that Medicare can be broken down into phases.

Each phase is easy to understand when explained the right way. My client generously said, “My wife and I used Matt for his Medicare expertise three years ago when initially signing up. His visit and ‘walkthrough’ of various options and plans was truly invaluable” – Kevin P



Personalized Plan Research

Which Medicare insurance plan fits your  specific needs.

Plan Networks

Which doctors and medical facilities participate in the plan network?

Know the Pros and Cons

Know the pros and cons of Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans.

Which Plans fit Your Budget

Learn more about each plans premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and maximum out of pockets costs.

What are the Next Steps?

Schedule an Educational Meeting

Pick a date and time that fits your schedule.  Have questions prepared for your upcoming Medicare meeting

Learn about Your Future Health insurance Coverage

Learn about the important aspects of Medicare. What are your costs?  What type of medical coverage is available?

Enroll in a Plan

In collaboration, we will find the best plan in your area for your needs. We take into consideration your current doctors, medications, future medical procedures, etc

At 5280 Medicare, we know you are the kind of people who want to be informed before making important decisions . In order to be that way, you need timely information with important details on how to get Medicare health insurance.

The problem is many commercials and marketing pieces confuse what you need and the steps to take next, which makes you feel uncertain and frustrated.

We believe you should feel comfort in knowing what Medicare health insurance is best for you. We understand why Medicare can be confusing. That’s why we provide easy ways to understand Medicare and the steps you need to take next.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Book a Medicare educational meeting.

Step 2: We learn about your situation and research plans that fit your needs

Step 3: Enroll in Medicare

Step 4: Take advantage of all the benefits that your plan offers. . So book an educational meeting on a day and time that works best for you, so you can stop and focus on other aspects of your life and start looking forward to enjoying your retirement years.